About Hativity®

As a mom and physical therapist, I always try to discover new ways to make things easier for my children and clients. My latest invention grew from my frustration when going to the grocery store with my two girls, ages 6 and 10. Here in sunny San Diego, sun hats are must have accessories to protect their delicate skin from the sun. However, I was always the one carrying the hats around once we went inside a store. When my girls were younger shopping was easier, they sat in the shopping cart and I did not have to worry about them sticking their curious little fingers into the fruit and veggies. Unfortunately, as they grew I could no longer push the cart with two children and groceries. Initially I brought a tablet so they could play games while I shopped, but quickly realized I was carrying even more in my mom bag! I needed a way to make life easier and happier for my children, and a way to simplify our shopping trips. I got it! My children needed a Hativity! A hat that would also serve as an activity!